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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - History/Mythology

Lucia nodded at that, "So he has been here a long time. He did tell me there were some strange ongoings with the pokemon around the forest... perhaps. I know I read a case study once. It was about another region where the pokemon were being controlled by some group or something like that. I didn't read the whole article but it could be something similar to that. But the question is this... why would Team Rocket target a school, where most of the residents are students? Sure we have teachers and such, but we're only kids. We don't have anything on us that could constitute as valuable. Sure we have pokemon, but this is such a small area. Why even be here when they could try and attack Saffron or such? They can hide much easier over there and here there aren't that many places to hide."

She sighed a bit, "It'll get resolved I'm sure. We have many great trainers here and if anything they can protect the island." She said with a firm nod.
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