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    Chapter Two: Part Eight
    Reach for Hope

    "Hey, kid!"


    "Remember that bad feeling I had earlier?"


    "It's a thousand times worse." Blade seemed almost threatened by whatever was going on.

    Amy looked back at Hailey's general direction, seeming to nod in agreement. "Oh, you're right... Wow..."

    "Let's go, my sister is still up there!" Faith shouted, nervous that her sister might be harmed, despite what she had become.

    Amy nodded. "Right." She began to hover at a decent pace, back to the elevated area where now Bay also appeared to be. "What-- Bay!"

    There was a moment of silence, where time had slowed to a snail's pace, and Amy's, Faith's, and Blade's center of attention pointed to one vial of colorful goop, slowly sinning through the air, until... CRACK!

    "MYRAAAAAA!!" Amethyst shouted impulsively, though it was clearly Faith causing this. She immediately rushed over to try and tend to the collapsing Hailey, only... To find no logical way to do so. Touching the liquid would only damage Amethyst and her spirits, but it had to be removed to...



    There was a slow realization that, no matter how hard they tried, no matter what they came up with... There was no stopping this. "Myra, no! Don't go!" Tears began forming in Amy's notably blue and half-blue eyes, sobbing over the girl's writhing body, her hands holding onto Hailey's uncovered hand, as if trying to heal her out of sheer will. But once more, nothing happened.

    "GET AWAY NOW!!" Blade shouted through Amy in a raspy roar, Amy's eyes both becoming red and slitted, as her figure turned and dove, rolling into an upright stance, turning in time to see the beam of light crater the Earth and take Bay and Hailey before disappearing completely.

    ... Long silence.

    There was a long pause, as Amy slowly turned to Arcea, as if silently asking her if she saw the same thing she had just seen. They seemed to be on the same level, both losing someone they knew to the light. Part of her hoped this was some awful dream or nightmare.

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