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Before getting it, I was not so sure, since I heard "This game is terrible" everywhere. But I got it anyways, and I think I made the right choice. Honestly, it isn't THAT bad. Since I played the first 2, I definitely find this game the weakest in the series, but it has its good points:

-Gameplay got a little bit better, with move levels, shared experience and more tidbits here and there.
-Pokémon Paradise is really fun to build and organize.
-The music is really catchy and humable.
-Dem graphics. I don't care if you can still see pixels here and there, they're great.
-Being able to control other Pokémon before finishing the main story.
And a few others.

The only flaws I find are:

-Like most of you said, the text speed. Oh gods, the unbearable text speed.
-Story was a bit short.
-Post-game is EVEN shorter.
-Story doesn't make much sense in the beggining.
-Not all Pokémon are available.
-Only 1 mission at a time...

I actually enjoyed the story and the non-Pokémon final boss(But the Bittercold could have been thougher). As long as they don't put non-Pokémon enemies in main series games, it's fine. (PokéStar Studios doesn't count)
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