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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
I'd love to make another PC OU. I was a big supporter of it, and I still am. Anti says it's too late, but we still have a half a year until XY is out. This would be a good time to test out our tiering system and iron out the kinks before XY is here. I think it would be a cool project, but I don't think we should focus entirely on it and not bother with expanding the amount of metagames we're comfortable with. I do suggest making a council of 3 or 5 members for our tiering system. They would make all of the decisions, but the community is free to sway their opinion.
I didn't even realize it was still 6 months away >.> I'd guess I'd be down to help out with this in whatever capacity. If it's anything like the one we did the first time it was at least fun to do it, regardless if it didn't actually work out in the long-run. I still think we should put focus onto other things as well though, whether is RU/UU/Ubers, as people seem interested at least.