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    Originally Posted by Claire* View Post
    Can I get a summary of what occurred during my absence?
    Ok, going down the page 1 character list, I believe that:

    ShinyDiamond/PinkSapphire-Takumi eats breakfast with Nami and after asking each other if they like anyone they go to Takumi's room so that she can show him her vampire form. (the first time he saw it didn't count because she was beating a dude half to death and he immediately ran away screaming.) She shows him and he doesn't panic.

    dcjboi-Kakusu goes to class early so sensei can help him control his abilities but it was never explained if he actually does so I just assume he does. Then he goes to the graveyard with everyone else.

    Machomuu-Gavin asks Elene if she would suck his blood, pitching it like a hero and trying to appeal to her new position but he is still turned down, and to avoid having a rotten arm he cuts it off and then goes to the classroom. After an encounter with Khawill's characters (which will be elaborated on later) he leaves to the graveyard with everyone else. He rushes off trying to be a hero and he apparently thinks Oz is a chump and that he can take him with one arm tied behind Yorick catches him along with Allister and they start fighting Oz, where Gavin breaks Oz's barrier.

    Lilizuki-Elene becomes head prefect and shortly investigates the poisoned cafeteria food before rejecting Gavin's offer. Then Lilizuki began disagreeing with pretty much everyone here and resigned from the RP with there still being no word as to whether or not Marilyn or Ashling (all she did was go train at the sport courts) still exist as NPCs or if they just faded out of existence (for all intents and purposes, never to be interacted with by a player ever again).

    Lokepie-Milly finds Volt and they eat together before she notices he is hurt, then she tries to take him to the nurse but he refuses so they just go to class together.

    Claire*/TornZero-Eva bumps into Yuria (who had just been shown around by the class president I didn't even know existed) on his way to class and they go inside together to talk to sensei. After a while they are approached by Frio who asks them to join his Solo retrieval squad but then he faints. The two of them help Elise resurrect Frio by tossing water at him. (as told by TornZero's delightfully dictated post denied dilution of duplicate it was full of alliteration)

    Khawill-Frio promises to be Elise's bodyguard and they go to class together where he practices some new Ice moves in the middle of the classroom, wrecking half the desks. Then Gavin shows up and scolds him which scares Elise and Frio, in an effort to help her, begins arguing with him. Allister steps in and then Elise joins and then the focus goes to her, so Frio forbids them from talking with or looking at her but they ignore him and eventually everyone calms down. Frio then cleans the classroom with Elise and they figure out where Solo went so they tell sensei but he already knew. He tells Frio to make a team so Frio asks Eva and Yuria to join it, which is when the aforementioned events occur. Elise trips and drops water on the fainted Frio and then body slams him so he wakes up. Also Frio has more detention.

    DeLaMuerte-Volt find Milly and they eat together, where the stuff in the Milly summary happens and they go to class. Then he goes to the graveyard and tries to summon something to fight Oz. He ends up summoning a poison dart frog but thinks it's lame so he summons a lion and a komodo dragon that acts like Ash's Charizard at the Kanto league.

    Genevieve-Cheryll gets bullied by two kids before joining Allister and Yorick for their mission briefing. Then she goes to the classroom with the others before leaving to fight Oz with Allister, but Allister doesn't want Gavin to get himself killed so he sends Cheryll to tell Yorick to stop him. When she goes back to rejoin Allister, one of the bullies bullies her again but she runs away to the battle.

    WolfOfEve-Solo runs away to join fairytale, trains with their commandeer [sic], and gets a fancy magic stick that can channel the wielder's abilities (I think).

    Me-Yorick goes to Allister's mission briefing and then goes to class, where he sniffs people then goes on to ignore the whole thing between Frio and Gavin. Cheryll tells him to go after Gavin so he does but he doesn't stop him, then they start the fight against Oz with Allister. Yorick strikes first but OP Oz dodges it, and now Yorick is trying to punch him again.

    gimmepie-Allister talks with Yorick and Cheryll about the mission and then they go to the classroom. He tries to break up the argument between Frio and Gavin then goes toward the graveyard, sending Cheryll to tell Yorick to stop Gavin. He makes it there then sets up his super shield everyone spell with a pentacle on the ground. Oz lightly shoves him but it accomplishes nothing. Allister then holds Oz still with a spell so the rest of the group can wail on him but we don't know if he counters it or not yet.

    I think that's everyone. Feel free to correct me if I erred or missed something.

    Edit: Wow, that ended up longer than I expected. Machomuu seems skilled at summarization, so if he wants he can try summarizing my summary.
    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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