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Frio fears nobody! (Except his sister, he fears his sister, with good cause.)
A summary specifically of Frio's antics: Frio came to the school, only socialized with females and got in a fight with pretty much every male. Before he can make any male friends, they go off to fight or join fairytale, which leaves him with most of the chics, (who are actually dudes). He befriends, and protects a supposed human because he has a good heart or something.

Frio accidentally causes a lot of trouble, (mostly not his fault, he is a snowperson. And they tend to be powerful. And intelligent.) Which causes him to miss the fairytale fight.

Additionally Frio was so concerned about this fight, he exclusively worked out, way too early and forgot to eat or drink. Thus he passed out after physical exhaustion from the ice he made earlier, dehydration, and meeting too many people in a small time. (Seriously, this guy overloads.)

Frio is now asking the traps if they want to help catch Solo, which in turn will cause more trouble for Frio.

Did I mention he only fears his sister? Like, so much, that he is afraid of nobody else. She is that scary well at least when she isn't being nice. (She usually is)

Finally, Frio is not homosexual, nor does he like any character introduced thus far (He is so neutral about people, and so socially deprived (not socially challenged though) that he wouldn't notice it anyways).
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