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    Slateport or Lilycove would be the best. Mainly because they are in areas that are not landlocked and make more sense to be in from a far away region. Since Littleroot made almost no sense to be in if you came on a boat. There's no docks nearby!

    Anyway, with Slateport, you'd have to battle an electric Gym first and you'd get a bike much sooner. Traveleing to Dewford would be second as usual and then to Rustrobo to get your 3rd badge and rock smash so you can have an easy way "home". Otherwise, not much else would have to change.

    Now, Lilycove is a different story. The gyms would be in reverse entirely other than the last Ice gym. Since you start in Lilycove, you'd progress backwards through the normal game. That would be hard to get used to...
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