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Kim Parnevik & Katarina Lukyanenko

"Kim, I'll get you home soon, but could you calm down for me please?" Miss Lukyanenko said, her Swedish slightly hard to understand. She was rubbing his shoulder gently, clearly she was trying her best to comfort the poor boy that Kim was. Slowly he brought his head around to look at her, the tears blurring his vision. Realising that she did want to help he tried his best to calm down, he was in a room with only one person that he didn't know, and that person was seemingly sincere in trying to help him get home.

“Will.. will you really.. help me get.. home..?” Kim stuttered trying his best to calm down for her.

Katerina took a moment to think, this kid was Atlantean, and while he wasn't the one she had been instructed to recruit, he seemed pretty powerful and with the right training, perhaps even control these powers of his. "I can do you one better, Kim, if you want, you can come with me and train with my friends and I. We can help you to control this ability of yours."

Oh no. He thought as she finished talking, she was now not wanting to take him home at all. She wanted to torture him more by keeping him away from the safety of his room. “But you said.. that you'd help me get home.” He replied as he started to shake again.

Katerina shook her head, there was no getting through to the boy. Anxiously checking her watch, she began to wonder just how long this man would be in the toilet, hoping to get around to being able to recruit Agnes instead.

"I didn't lie, if you want, I can take you home, I am merely offering you a second option to control your abilities."

Thoughts ran through Kim's head as he tried to calm himself down, this lady wanted to keep him away from his room even longer, but then it struck him.. If I can control my power, I won't change to a girl randomly.. I'll be able to stay in the safety of my room again..

“So.. You'll help me learn how to control my changes..?” He asked timidly, wiping the tears away from his eyes. “I-I-I'll come if you really can..” His hesitation was clear in the tone of his voice but he was set on learning how to control his gender changes.

Trying not to let her frustration shine through, Katerina smiled after a simple reply of 'yes'. She was hoping that getting him on a plane back to the mansion would hopefully be a lot easier than this recruiting drive had been, but judging by how things were going now, she was probably fresh out of luck on that behalf. She laughed inwardly, Luck, such a stupid concept.
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