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    Hello guys! Firstly I'd like to appologize about my about my absence from the club. Things here and there happen and i've been pretty busy.

    But enough about me, I'd like to welcome all our new members to the club :D! As you can see, I updated the members list as well as given everyone who has reached 10 posts a star. I also updated the event column to voting for the "Normal Type of the Month". I've decided to make it that way since I wanted to showcase as many normal types as possible. Voting will begin now and will end by the first of May. That pokemon will take Eevee's place as featured pokemon of the month. New events are also up for suggestion and recommendation.

    Lasty as for the topic; I see that a new discussion has started and as such, I've posted the topic: Which Normal type Pokémon do you guys wish would make more of an appearance in the franchise?
    -Well I do agree that most normal types are being overlooked. I think some fans dont even like some normal types with animalistic apearences and deem them "uncreatiive" or "boring". I'm pretty sure theres been at least one episode showcasing almost every pokemon but there havnt been very many of the described normal types that have been a part of the main protagonists' team while also having a vibrant or distinct personality and good representation.

    As such i'd love to see more Stoutland, Granbull, Ursaring, Biberal, and Tauros. Surprisingly enough, although this being 5th gen atm I dont think Stoutland had really much of a meaningful apearence other than just battling(unless i'm missing something.)