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>> AVA
>> Bandit Fort, Currilan, Eveamoor

"Alys! Wake up!" Avangeline shook her companion as she closed her eyes, almost seemingly falling asleep in the middle of a giant battle. Ava quickly felt her neck for a pulse and exhaled as she felt a dull thud every moment or so. Dull, but still there. Avangeline pulled Alys out of the commotion, shoving her against the wall behind the new boy (boy? Man? what could she say?). She couldn't rely on him to protect her friend but nobody would swing at a dead girl (or a girl that looked dead, anyway).

"Argh, wretched thing," the giant of a man snapped the stick that protruded out of his knee, and swung his ball and chain up, throwing it at the ground, aiming it at a wary Varian and Cass who dodged it with time to spare. He was big, he was very strong but he was slow. And probably stupid. He was only a leader because of his sheer size and strength and could pulverise a man in an instant, but judging from the way he used his weapon, he was no smarter than a mule.

His inferiors had begun to dwindle out, turning from a war into what seemed like a show. They had stopped trying to kill them and instead formed a circle around him, egging him on as he swung at the Highman and his lady. Their wounds were catching up to them and it would only be so long before that ball and chain would flatten them.

Avangeline stepped forward (gesturing at her wolf to stay back, to which he obliged. Grudgingly), joining Varian and Cass in their dodge-fest, allowing her to get close enough to speak to them in between crashes.

"Step out, I can take him," she shouted, loud enough for Cass, Varian and the Bandit Leader to hear her.

"Are you crazy!?" Varian bellowed over another, narrowly dodging the rubble that had flown up towards his face. "You'll get yourself killed and this will all be for nothing!"

"Trust me, Highman, I don't plan on dying until I see a dragon with my own two eyes."


"Trust me!"

Varian stepped back, nodding bitterly at his female companion. She scowled, but stepped back, taking a chance to catch what little breath they had left.

"You? I'll turn your hair into a wig and wear it like a crown!"

"And I'll turn your dirty face into toilet paper," Avangeline sneered at the man, "and take a giant dump in your mouth."

"That is no way for a lady to speak, girl. I'll make sure to clean your teeth out with my fist," he made the first move, the way Avangeline had planned, throwing the ball out in front of him. Avangeline dodged it with ease, sliding under his legs and slicing past his ankles. He groaned but didn't falter, turning around and throwing his ball again. Avangeline dodged again, slipping around to slice at the arrow in his knee.

The giant moaned yet again, changing his attack plan from scary chain and balls to swinging his fists around like a child. Avangeline ducked her face under the first, not especting a second to swing around behind her, equipped with a small dagger. Curses! Why hadn't she seen him pick it up? The dagger struck her in the shoulder hard, but not hard enough to hit bone. Avangeline pulled herself out of the dagger, the man's monsterous grip left holding a dripping, bloody knife. She cursed again, ducking as he made another lunge. She dodged it easy, this time predicting its coming, but her shoulder stung. She quietly congratulated the man for being the first in a long time to land such a strong blow on her. But it wouldn't happen again.

Avangeline swapped from defensive to offensive, slicing at his exposed skin when he lunged. He didn't stop or cringe like Avangeline did from the pain, instead acting as if nothing had happened and continuing to strike. What was wrong with this man? Was he not mortal to feel the slow and painful attacks of hers? Perhaps he was actually a giant, or a giant hybrid. Or perhaps he was a monster. Either way, she was going to fell this beast. For Alys, at least.

He switched back to his ball and chain, attacking at a faster rate, but not at her. Instead, he aimed for her feet, or at least the ground around her. Avangeline kept up with his monsterous blows, jumping out of the way just as the ground around her cracked and quaked. After the sixth or seventh blow though, Avangeline made the mistake of stepping at an already cracked area, her boot slipping on the fractured earth.

"I'm sick of this game, whelp," he growled, taking advantage of Avangeline's off footing, by sweeping at her, taking hold of her hair and pulling her up. She yelped and dropped her swords, surprised the giant could have caught her even in a moment's distraction. Maybe she had been wrong about him? She pulled her up to his eyeline, grinning what was left of his disgusting, yellow teeth at her. Nem barked from Varian and Cass' side, angry but kept loyal to Avangeline's word. "Perhaps I should keep you with the other girl in the dungeons as a toy I can deflower when I please?"

Now this... this made her mad.

"Don't you dare speak of women in that way!" she screamed, kicking her feet up, colliding with his armour and thrusting it into his jaw. He moaned in pain, letting go of Avangeline and his horrific weapon and clawed at his face as if that would make the pain go away. Avageline dropped, grabbing her swords and ducking underneath one of his swinging arms. She launched herself upwards, using the roaring crowd as stepping stones to the sky, dodging their flailing arms and swords as she went. When she was happy with her height, she jumped again, thrusting herself at the brute of a man as he raised his head to see what was eclipsing the light above him.

"Deflower this!"

She thurst her arms forward, both her swords breaking through each of his eye sockets, his brains and out the other side of his skull. Avangeline let go, using his falling head as a step to land comfortably behind him. His body fell like a tree, his armour clanging and echoing loudly at the now silent room of awe-struck bandits. With their leader gone, these bandits had no direction and no purpose and thus, had no reason to live. This would soon be solved.

"Who's next!?"
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