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    Originally Posted by Oddrane View Post
    You have to have a Pokemon that knows Fly, and Fly to Sky Castle Event. If you read back in the thread you can find out what city you have to go to get Fly(if you don't already have it. With Fly on a Pokemon you fly to the Sky Castle, finish the event, and then the cones goes away.

    There is no postgame yet, the Beta ends after you have completed the Elite Four.
    I've already completed that event, my 2.2 savestate was in progress with that event. I've completed both that and the gym leader but the cones are still there. You mentioned something about Rayquaza earlier, where is that found?

    Regardless, I used a walk through walls cheat to get past the cones and finished the game, but on doing so, all events seem to have restarted somehow. I got the ticket after the league and I'm aware that hasn't be implemented yet but has anything else within Tyron, are there any legendaries or areas you can reach with waterfall worth nothing.
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