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Mega Ampharos is the one.
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    I will join! I am a member of last-years normal fan club!

    Name: miltankRancher
    Partner Pokemon: (Can we choose 3, automatically? If yes, I will go with Miltank, Snorlax and Sawsbuck. If not, Miltank.
    Reason for Joining: Two words: Whitney's Miltank.
    Answer the current topic: I really like Sawsbuck to have more appearances in the anime. I once dreamt that Cilan's team would include a Deerling, or a Sawsbuck. IT FREAKING CHANGES WITH THE SEASON, OMG.
    Favorite Normal Type Move: Extremespeed and Yawn.

    I am a Roleplayer

    ...and I am PROUD of it.
    Lanistae Jacet [Lies of a Trainer]