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    Originally Posted by Vestra View Post
    This has happened to me, also, after beating the league.
    But you didn't finish the last mission when you did it the first time. I didn't notice it before i picked up the game again this morning to just try and catch some pokemon's to start complete the pokedex.

    So a couple of thoughts and questions.

    Where can i catch Ralts? as well as ice pokemons? will i have to wait to catch more ice-pokemons until the next patch comes out? and an ice-cave with them?

    I used waterfall and such in the caves, should the legendaries in the waterfall caves? since i came to empty places with no legendaries and such, and in one cave it was a block that blocked me from proceeding.

    Exp. Share and Soothe Bell should be in there somewhere, I have talked to everyone, and used itemfinder everywhere and can't find it, so unless its added, both of those items needs to be added into the game in my opinion.
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