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    Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
    Welcome to the club!!

    Yes you can choose three automaticly!

    I agree with both of you that smeargle's unique abillity warrants it some needed screentime and Sawsbuck(one of my fav grass types) should at least accompany Cilan. Castform would be a nice addition to the series as with Dunsparce. I say thins because there are many overlooked hidden gems among normal types that could great potential for representation due to their potential role in the series, personality, or unique abilities. Like, imagine how helpful Castform could be to change the weather to rainy in a desert region or something.

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    Castform could use more screentime, yeah. I am seeing a valley, deserted and hot off course, with its inhabitants complaining and all, then castform comes in wreaking havoc all over. Then Ash and co. would come in and try to reason with it.

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