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    Because equal opportunity cross-dressing!

    Name: Raka Chaudri
    Nickname: Rakshasa (this is the name she is primarily known by)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Species: Lycan

    Wolf form:

    Human form:

    Appearance: Being an Indian wolf, Raka is somewhat smaller than most other wolves. Because of this, she needs to rely on her telekinesis in battles when in her wolf form more than other Lycans. Because of this, she much prefers her human form. In her human form, she likes wearing suits. Besides helping conceal her gender further, they make her appear even less ready for battle to her opponents.

    Personality: Raka loathes gender barriers. She’d grown sick of seeing changes in people’s behavior, however subtle, just because she was a girl. For this reason she prefers to disguise herself as a man, a fairly simple reason. She loves battle, and the presumptuous air she gives off seems to anger (or motivate, as she would put it) her opponents into fighting harder. Raka doesn’t put much more effort than she needs into any action, but she is by no means “lazy”. In fact, her favorite moments are times of hardship where she can test her limits, intellectually or physically. Her extensive training in the Silambam style as well as her great control over her telekinetic abilities mean that rarely is there a challenging opponent for her.

    Raka is quite fond of her nickname, "Rakshasa". A rakshasa is a member of a race of man-eating beings that take glee in slaughtering their enemies on the battlefield in Hindu lore. When she explains to people what it means some are stricken with fear, but many (thinking themselves so very tough) think her, again, presumptuous, sometimes challenging her in a "prove it" sort of fashion. While she enjoys both reactions, she honestly prefers the latter.

    When it comes to friends, Raka has few. Concerning the ones she does have, the main thing bonding them together is their mutual love of combat. They will often gather just to have a big battle royale.

    History: Blank at PinkSapphire’s request.

    Weakness: Raka is weak to magic, like most other Lycans. She also tends to put off going for the killing blow in combat, even when the opportunity presents itself, until there is absolutely no way her opponent can continue fighting.

    Other: Raka has learned to focus the telekinetic force into a pressure that can be even needle-like if she wants, and practicing Silambam has given her knowledge of pressure points. She uses her ability and her knowledge together to be able to disable enemies with minimum effort.

    Code: Fig Strawberry

    Dear lord, it took way too much effort to find a dark skinned (but not too dark) character that looked at least somewhat androgynous...
    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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