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Okay, here goes character number two! Who interestingly enough is both my first attempt at having multiple characters in an RP and my first attempt at playing a female character.


Name: Sylvia Hanson
Nickname: Sylvie
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Dorm: Suicune

Appearance: Sylvia is a fairly petite girl standing at about 5’2” and being rather thin. Her face is more pointed that others but is not particularly angular. She has shimmering ice-blue eyes and dirty-blonde, straight hair that she wears down with an almost tear-dropped shaped fringe at the front (that is usually obscured by her hat). She is generally considered to be a rather pretty person.

Sylvia wears fairly tight-fitting navy blue pants and a simple white T-Shirt. Over her shirt she wears a jacket the same ice-blue as her eyes with black cuffs and highlights and a dusky purple coloured collar, zipper and rim around the bottom of her jacket. Sylvia wears a navy blue cap with a visor and half circle design in the same dusky purple as on her jumper and her shoes (simple, laceless sneakers) are primarily grey with various shades of the same colours also found on the shoe. Her ears are pierced with simple red studs and she is usually seen carrying a bag in a pink/red colour.

Personality: Sylvie is a rather complicated person, she has both cold and friendly sides both which surface in equal amounts. She doesn’t actively seek friendships and is honestly not a big talker but she is confident in herself and her identity and if you make the effort to talk to her she will always respond in a similar manner, that being said she sometimes seems to get along better with pokemon than people.

Sylvia’s quiet exterior masks a deep pride in herself and her pokemon and a talent not just for battling but also for academics, she scores very highly in both areas. She has a surprisingly unrelenting battle style and it is well known that she has a preference for ice types, although she is a lover of all pokemon really.

Despite people often being attracted to Sylvia due to her rather good looks she is the sort of person who wants something deeper than that being a firm believer that a connection must be more mental than physical and with this belief comes the trait of her not having a preference for any particular gender but focusing on the person instead.
People can rarely work out if she is more of a tomboy or if she is actually rather girly due to her having a mix of those traits. Suffice to say she is peculiar person with many different layers to her and some interesting philosophies; it is quite possible she’ll behave differently depending on whom she is with.

History: Sylvia was born in Castellia City in the Unova region to a moderately wealthy, but constantly busy family. Her parents, both of which worked for the same large corporation, were rarely at home so Sylvia spent a lot of time watching pokemon battles, reading about various trainers and pokemon and exploring the vast city she lived in with the few friends she had made. It was through these practices that she discovered both her immense interest in battling and her preference for ice-typed pokemon. Despite this interest her parents were loath to allow her to attempt to compete in the Unova leage, although they did allow her to have a pokemon – an eevee bred by colleagues in a town not too far from the city.

Disappointed by her parents’ unwillingness to let her compete in the league, Sylvia became more withdrawn from them and spent even more time researching pokemon – she even started battling with Shiva, surprising people with her ability. It was during one of these battles she realised that she was easily capable of attempting to battle a gym, like the one in her home town, but she would require more pokemon. Making an agreement with the gym leader for a two on two match, she headed to a nearby mountain whilst her parents were away on a business trip where she caught her second pokemon, a Vanilite, and evolved Shiva from an Eevee to a Glaceon.

Immediately upon her arrival home, the day before the return of her parents, Sylvia battled against the gym leader Burgh and, despite a gruelling battle, emerged victorious – earning her first badge though. It was perhaps the happiest moment of her life, but the happiness was short lived as her parents weren't going to miss neither the location-specific evolution of Shiva nor the sudden appearance of a Vanilite. Furious with her disobedience they attempted to take Shiva and Frosty from her, but refusing to allow anything to come between her and her pokemon she fled her home and moved into a small apartment – one she shared with an older acquaintance. Upon hearing of the Trainer Academy Sylvia applied for the entrance exam in which she passed both the practical and theory with flying colours – being amongst the top scorers in the academies history. She was assigned to the Suicune dorm and left for the island only a few days later.

Sylvia had done well for herself at the academy but is yet to really make a name for herself, she scores well and has one several battles but she hasn't really fit into any particular social circles and hasn't made any attempts to join extra-curricula groups.


Shiva the female Glaceon
Personality: Shiva is somewhat arrogant having a high opinion of herself and often overestimating her power, she has a tendency to give those she dislikes or deems weak the cold shoulder. Despite this she respects her trainer’s wishes and at least tries to be sociable sometimes. She is somewhat Sylvia’s powerhouse.
Lv. 30
Moves: Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Shadow Ball, Dig, Mirror Coat, Toxic

Frosty the male Vanilite
Personality: Frosty is young and enthusiastic but is still rather naive in many aspects not having a great understanding of the world. That being said it always does its best to keep the mood happy.
Lv 30
Moves: Mirror Shot, Icy Wind, Acid Armour, Light Screen, Water Pulse, Blizzard