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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - History/Mythology

    Lucia smiled a bit at Brian. "Alright, we can figure something else out then. Have you told a teacher yet?" She inquired. "If it's too dangerous for students to go, then I am sure a teacher would at least be interested in what is out there, not only that but they could probably make a perimeter around the area where the aggressive pokemon are. You know, put up signs warning students about the area and how the pokemon inside the area will attack unprovoked. It's the least that could be done to prevent any more students from being attacked right? I would hate to hear about how a group of students just walked on and almost died you know. I think all Drizzle would have to do is lead a teacher to the edge of the area and they can start setting up warning signs. Though we'll have to get a teacher to help out on that front first."
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