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    Mana Murasaki
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    Felicity immediately got targetted as soon as the assignment started. A Lotad made it's way towards Felicity to shout a water pulse at her. "Felicity, wait untill he is close enough, then jump on his back and use cut." Mana ordered her Espeon with confidence. "A Lotad is resistant to ground, steel and water... but immune to nothing, cut is a normal type attack so it must damage him..." Mana mumbled to herself as Felicity did exactly as she told her to. The Lotad got ordered to use an Ice Beam. This was a dangerous one because Espeon was in front of him and there was not enough time to . "Use Shadow ball to dodge the Ice Beam." Mana said rather calm.

    Felicity created an Shadow ball and shouted it towards the Ice Beam of the Lotad. The Shadow ball got an Ice shield around it but was still heading towards the Lotad. "Beautifulllll~" Mana cheered as she saw the Ice ball with Felicity's Shadow ball inside it. It was as if she was battling in a contest and she honestly felt like she was. She saw how people tried to make their Pokémon look beautiful on tv, then battle with them and make their attacks look as beautiful as possible. The winner got a colorful and pretty ribbon... The Lotad was fainted and called back by it's trainer who didn't seem to happy about choosing Mana as his opponent.

    Mana noticed Kilik's Tentou coming their way. She pretended like she was not noticing it and glanced towards Felicity. "Tentou is coming your way, just stand there untill I give orders." Mana said quietly but loud enough for her Espeon to hear her. "Shinx are Electric type Pokémon... Weak to Ground type attacks, Immune to none and restistant to Flying, Steel and Electric type attacks..." Mana mumbled once again. Traveling around in regions made her pretty known with Pokémon, also because speaking to them made her understand them better and understand their weaknesses. Right now this was coming in handy.

    "A Psychic coming from very close gives more damage... He's also coming with a charge beam... Nice try Kilik~" Mana waited a little bit more untill Tentou was close enough. "Felicity! Jump up in the air and use Psybeam!" Felicity did as she was ordered and jumped up in the air, then shouted a Psybeam at Tentou.

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