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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    hehe thanks :p that makes it a lot clearer

    Soooooooo I'm trying to implement a whissiwig editor or whatever it's called onto my website, and I have with the tinyMCE program…

    however one problem is that it takes a long time to load, much worse than the one on PC, but I suppose because it's not WYSIWYG, so…

    1) how to make it load faster, or 2) what other better options do I have?

    sorry for asking and not telling, but I'm a noob at this :p
    Are you familiar with your browser's web-inspector network tab? Because it is a great asset when checking to see why pages load slowly.

    This is the network inspector tab in Opera Dragonfly...

    As you can see, it shows how long each request and response took, and if you mose over the bars, you can see a breakdown of what process took what amount of time:

    If something takes a long time, you can try to utilize caching, which will, instead of sending all of the data to a computer that has downloaded it again, send a simple 304 to the browser to indicate that it hasn't been modified:

    As you can see, this cuts down the amount of time a browser needs to download anything A LOT.

    If you have access to the configuration of your server, you can set it to use aggressive caching by sending an "Expiry" header with it's responses to allow data to be cached to make your site seem blazing fast, even if it uses exuberant AJAX and styles.

    You can find out how to utilize the Expires header here.

    Yahoo has some good guidelines too: