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    Here is my SU!

    Name: Dexter Patrick Prince

    Nickname: Dex

    Age (10-15): 15

    Sex (Male or Female): M

    Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Entei Dorm

    Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish):

    Dexter Patrick Prince is a fairly good-looking guy, and roughly more on the boyish handsome rather than the classy handsome. His dirty blonde hair reminds people of the color of a sunflower field. He keeps it messy and refuses to comb it, unless the occasion is really important. His slanted eyes are steel-like in color, a deep grayish-silver.

    Physically, Dex stands 5’7”. He is lightly built. Other people describe Dex as ‘reedy’ but he consistently worked out, resulting to subtle muscle cuts in his arms and legs. His skin is originally a deep-white but, being under the sun for far too long, Dex developed a light tan. His wardrobe consists mostly of plain, white t-shirts and comfy shorts. He preferred traveling around in loose clothes rather than casual suits like pants and polos. However, he has a change of wardrobe consisting of a pair of blue jeans and a green polo shirt.

    He has a silver piercing in his right ear.


    If there is one word that can describe Dex, it would be that Dex is a rule-breaker. Ever since he had the mind to think, he knew that following rules is not the thing for him. He grew up in the streets, along with other street urchins, so he had not the formal education to be trained to follow the social way the world is constructed. When he was a young kid, he’d been constantly followed by the Pokémon police because of causing mischief (none big enough to cause real trouble. You know, the occasional graffiti, the pickpocketing of food from grocers, the bullying of wild Pokémon, and such). However, when a local professor gave him and a few other urchins their Pokémon, Dex managed to learn that he’d have to conform to at least the basics of rules in being a trainer so as to progress as a trainer. He is hard at work with this.

    Because of his lack in formal education, Dex found writing hard at work. He is not illiterate, as he could do some basic reading, but he just found writing really painstaking. He went under the tutelage of the said local professor to practice his handwriting but he still avoided it if he can. He is also not really familiar with the technicalities of Pokémon battling and other things, despite being a competent trainer. His strategies were unorthodox at the most, but his novel battling techniques are so unique that it sometimes surprises his opponents.

    In the presence of the group, Dex is more often the black sheep. Being in a group means following a certain sets of rules but, as previously said, Dex find that hard. If he finds other ways to ensure the success of the group, he’ll bend the rules to do it. He even sometimes neglects his duty as a member of the group for self-satisfaction. He discovered that he works best when there is no one around him to dictate what he must do. He is not the leader-type nor the subordinate-type. Dex is just the kind of guy who does not work well in a group.


    Dexter Patrick Prince grew up in an orphanage in Castelia City. Nobody at the establishment knew about Dex’ heritage but many had guessed that he came from a very wealthy family since somebody donated a large sum of money when they took in Dex. Nobody came back to claim him, and Dex grew up with the other orphans. Security inside the building is lax, so Dex and other kids always take the opportunity to go outside the city and play, like city rats. The result of this wild upbringing is Dex’ severe disregard for rules and regulations. Why will you anyway if you’ve got the whole world at your mercy? Such is the naivety of the kids.

    Everything changed when a professor arrived at Castelia City and arranged that the kids from the orphanage be taught in the basics of Pokémon battling. He also offered to train those kids who were not taught to read and write to managed basic reading and writing. Dex was one of the kids under this program. He was not a low-minded kid; he just found that the classes were boring so he lost interest in whatever the professor was teaching. In result, Dex was not properly informed of the technicalities of battling.

    However, despite of his formal knowledge of Pokémon, his street technique (that is, his battling style) emerged as remarkable. The professor rated Dex as one of the best battlers among the orphans. When the program ended, Dex was one of the top students and was given by the professor their first Pokémon and Pokedex. The professor arranged the release of the orphans, and they started out their journeys as Pokémon trainers.

    Dex was glad that he managed to ‘escape’ the orphanage for good. His starting Pokémon, Pansage, is a good company. The professor took a liking to him. He offered Dex and another of the orphans to accompany him to Kanto, where he previously worked. Both of them agreed. So Dex, a Unova-citizen, left his region, and left for Kanto in order to start his journey fresh. Upon reaching the region, the professor dropped the girl in Fuchsia City where she will start her journey. Dex, he dropped at Pewter City. H wished him good luck and that was the last Dex heard of the professor. Dex was in a new place, a fresh start. He decided to get all the badges (one of the few things that stuck with him), starting with Pewter City. He defeated the current leader with ease, Pansage being an equally good Pokémon as Dex is a battler. However, the duo struck low at the next gym. Despite the type advantage, the Gym Leader defeated the two without batting an eyelash. She described Dex as a ‘good battler in need of education.’ She referred him to Gary Oak’s Academy. It was then that Dex knew that he really needs that ‘education’, whatever that is.


    Species: Pansage ♂
    Nickname(Optional): Pan
    Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague): Pan is a happy-go-lucky Pokémon. He is seldom seen inside his Pokeball.
    Lvl(Max 30): 22
    Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Seed Bomb, Bite, Leech Seed, Low Kick

    Species: Pidgeotto ♂
    Nickname(Optional): Pid
    Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague): More serious than his trainer and Pan. Determined to win every fight.
    Lvl(Max 30): 20
    Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Gust, Air Cutter

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