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Human Name: Song Hua

Mutant Name: Huli Jing

Age: 18

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 111

Appearance: Hua has a short, petite body. With large brown eyes, Hua is often described as cute before pretty and has never verbally denied the claim. She has long brown hair which, while it has curl to it, is mostly straight. Hua's nails are painted pink and usually wears clothes of the some color. She doesn't over-pink it, but she does wear a little with every outfit. Her converse shoes are pink and she wears a pink, large-beaded bracelet. While a pink bracelet is a bit of her signature, Hua wears a variety of clothes and doesn't have too much of an opposition to trying something a little out of her range.

Hua's hair is usually in a pony-tail, though she has nothing against letting it down. She doesn't wear many, if any at all, hair accessories and prefers not to. Hua is very talented when it comes to make up and hers always seems to be applied perfectly. Hua regards her appearance very highly and doesn't accept less than the best for herself.

Personality: When you meet her, it's very easy to call Hua kind and respectful. She's very friendly and often makes friends with very little trouble. Hua is also an active part of her community. Hua often partakes in many clubs or school activity, easily earning the image of the frequently seen student. She's known by most teachers and her grades are spectacular. However, most of Hua's outward attitude is merely an image.

In truth, Hua is fiercely ambitious and none too accepting. She goes under an "every man for himself" policy and undeniably desires to be the big fish. She's not above any lying, cheating, stealing, or manipulating to get what she wants. To her, everyone is a pawn and there are very few permanent players. Her friends are temporary assets and she has often caused the breakup of multiple close relationships between others, unbeknownst to them. To accompany her lack of loyalty, Hua looks down on most people. She isn't very tolerant of others and is a believer in the idea that non-mutants are an old and inferior race. Hua never makes her motives quite clear, but it's obvious that she's in a search for power.

Hua is adamant in her attempts to master her power and has few plans on stopping until she's perfect. She looks down on weakness and isn't kind to those she views as useless. The term "the meek will inherit the Earth" is laughable to her. It's funny to her that an idea like that could even be considered, especially when she plans to eradicate the meek.

Hua is at her worst when she's at her nicest. It's probably a good thing to see her frown.

History: Hua was born in an unimportant Taiwanese town in March. She was was an only child and still is, which doesn't bother her at all. The arrangement hadn't been on purpose, much to the frustration of her parents. They couldn't have any other kids. When she was young, that was a problem, but as she got older it became something easy to come to terms with.

The events of Hua's personal life are not as important as the events around it. As mutants became more and more widespread, so did the fear around them. Where she lived, mutants were largely unaccepted and unanimously hated. They were thought of as demons, or people bound to do some sort of evil, on purpose or by accident. There were enough villains as well as heroes in the world and her neighbors could have been described as pessimistic. The problem was so much so that they had a gang who took it upon themselves to eradicate the mutant menace. Most people were afraid of them, not because those people themselves were mutants, but because the gang didn't exactly have a valid or consistent way of determining who was a mutant or not and several innocents died in their wake. Fortunately and unfortunately, the gang were not a bunch of locals and we actually traveling in search of mutants with the backing of many people, though they were completely vigilante. As they traveled, they killed. Sometimes killing one person or whole families or towns to protect Taiwan. So yes, naturally people were afraid. Many made sure that their children were perfect, more so than they already did, in an effort to stop any interested eyes from alerting the gang their way. This is what Hua's parents did.

It was not only to protect her, but to protect themselves and their name. Often times the parents of mutant children would be killed as well and the rest of the family would be looked upon like traitors or demonic soldiers. The Song family may have been fine if it weren't for the fact that Hua actually did have powers. Hua discovered her powers at a young age, about ten or so, and from then on worked on hiding them. It was easy to slip up. She enjoyed her power, unfortunately, and as a young child would play with things in secret. At times, her power may even show up on its own without her assistance or trigger due to a spike in emotions. With so much negativity around her mutation, you would think Hua would have hated her power, but instead, she loved it more than anything. Her love for it made her reckless, and over the years, her recklessness was what found her out. It was a neighbor that saw her and said something. She was sixteen at the time, well known around, and hoped that her reputation would help her. Most didn't believe that Hua actually had a mutation, but the suspicion made people look at her more and in time, the gang of mutant killing protectors knew of her. The Song family had very little time to prepare--just a day's notice from a short report on the news--and due to the efforts of the community, could not leave their home like intended. The arrival of the gang meant life or death for Hua, and luckily, she picked life. Toda, Hua has no problem telling this story, but the fight between herself and the gang members was no peaceful manner. She didn't feel safe until she left her home--actually flying away during the battle--and knew nothing that came of it afterwards.

It's been two years and Hua still knows nothing of what happened to her parents or her home, but since then, had come to resent non-mutant people. She believed they lacked understanding and that they would need a new lesson to straighten up. She knew her quickest ticket was through Professor Xavier's academy and signed up without hesitation.

Mutation: Hua has the ability of psychokinesis. Psychokinesis is seen as an umbrella term and includes anything that involves the mind to manipulate something and other, specific abilities may be acquired as a result. Hua's power gives her a wide range of abilities. At its core, Hua can manipulate matter. She can move people or objects with a single thought,turn on machines, create force fields, or levitate with just as much effort. However, her power gives her the ability to specialize. Psychokinesis can evolve into a wide range of things, but it's how much focus she puts on each that determines the final result. By accelerating atoms, Hua could become a pyrokinetic, by slowing them down she can become a cyokinetic. With concentration she could learn to affect probability and with even more she could learn to teleport. By manipulating movement, Hua's abilities can range far and wide. Predictably, this sort of range means each specific ability takes practice--lots of it. Hua will never be able to wake up one day and manipulate the elements or make the Earth spin backwards. Practice is everything, and without the focus and determination it requires, Hua would never get there. Reasonably, some abilities will take longer than others to even learn to use competently and there are many others she may not discover.

Hua's biggest problem with her power is that it requires her mind. In other words, she needs to be able to think. If she can't think she can't work, simple as that. In theory, she could always build her focus, but there are limits to everything and Hua isn't actually known for her ability to stay calm and collected at all times. She could maybe use her power weakly and erratically, but a disruption of the mind is the surest way to handicap her. Anything that affects the mind will affect her powers, in fact. Drugs are an obvious. Fatigue is a great contributor, so is stress or agitation. Emotions affect Hua's powers greatly as well. To be at her best, Hua will have to be fit both in her mind and body.

Writing Sample: Getting into the Academy was extremely easy. A smile and a bow and nothing else. Hua was glad they didn't ask her anything. Not a question of where she came from of of her history. They didn't care and Hua liked it that way. But yes, it was fairly easy to get in. The woman who saw her when she entered didn't ask her if she was a mutant or what her power was. She was accepted quickly and readily and taken away to tour the school. It was almost as if they woman knew, but Hua didn't ask, she only followed.

The tour of the Academy mansion was to Hua's liking. The mansion was grand, a great place of beauty and also learning. She met a few other mutants along the way, some who told her about a class or activity, promoted by the tour guide, or simply chose to say hello. She saw many more just from looks and was surprised to see the many variations. Silly mutations, haunting mutations, harmless ones, and destructive ones. Everything was here. It delighted and amazed her on many levels. Hua would not be disappointed in this place, she was glad to know that. She almost wanted it for herself. When the tour ended and the guide showed her her room and her classes, Hua had her first moment to relax. She slid her bags--well, a single suitcase--under the bed and sat on it with a sigh. This would be her new home now, apparently. She would live here for what she hoped would not be too terribly long (in case she started to dislike this place) and would move on to bigger and better things after that.

Hua laid back on her bed and sighed, mind going back to her image of the bigger and better things. She would have everything. Money, subjects, possibly the world. It would be hers and she wouldn't even have to do it herself. She would have an army, a legion of men marching to continue her master race of mutants. Earth was their planet, after all. They just needed a few like Hua to assert it or just take it, at least. She saw no point in peace because the outcome would be the same. Non-mutants would only get nervous when they inevitably began to die out; afraid of their soon-to-come doom. There was no reason to have them breed out like dogs. If they were all done away with it would go much faster. The sooner mutants had the world, the better. She would make sure of that.

Hua smiled to herself and closed her eyes, immersing herself into her images of the future. Yes, it'd be a better place and it would be all hers.

E: SU finished! Sorry if you're not too impressed. I promise that I'm much better at RPing than I am at making an SU. X)
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