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    Thanks! :D

    Paralyzing Gaze and Burrow Under are basically just powered-up versions of attacks used on official Dunsparce cards in the past, Glare and Dig. The reason for the power-up is because Dunsparce normally just requires Colorless (any) Energy, but Shining Pokémon usually require other Energy, including those not of their type. An attack with an Energy Cost of a specific type of Energy, from my observances, tends to do about 10 more damage than an attack that requires Colorless Energy. For instance, an attack with an Energy Cost of (F)(C) might do about 20 damage while an attack with an Energy Cost of (F)(F) might do about 30 damage. Something like that, anyway.

    Also, this card was heavily based on Flying Pikachu (the effects of the attacks are identical).

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