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    Is it to late to join this?

    Edit: If it's not to late here's my character.

    Name: Camillia Abbott
    Gender: Female
    Physical Age: 20
    Actual Age: 321


    Camillia stands at 5'4 inches tall and weighs about 100lbs. Her skin is pale eyes big and gray and her hair is a a reddish orange in color. Camillia has a light line of freckles across her face and a scar near her lower lip from when her tongue was removed. When in the mortal realm she has it in pigtails held up by hairbands and two silver chopsticks in each pigtail. She also has strands of hair framing her face and laying across her forehead. When in limbo her hair while the same color falls to the middle of her back in wavy natural curls.

    Her hair is not the only thing that's different between the mortal realm and limbo. In the mortal real Camillia wears a light gray t-shirt with a black armband with white lace on both ends of it on her upper left arm. She wears a black pleated skirt with a red belt that has a cross-shaped charm hanging off it. She wears black thigh high socks with a pair of black combat boots. In limbo Camillia wears a 16th century Tudor Style gown that is blue and gold in color. (see spoiler below.) and a pair of silk blue flats on her feet.


    Personality: Camillia is a very quiet individual. Though that might just be because she is mute. She holds a strong resentment for her past though. She finds it unfair that not only was she caught before she could test her ritual, that she was also convicted of witchcraft and had her tongue removed so she could cast no spells (not that she knew any at the time). The big thing is that when Camillia holds a grudge it doesn't go away. She has sworn her revenge on Kenton's line and has been responsible for the deaths of many of his descendants over the years. When she kills on most mortals she goes for the quick and painless death. Unless they give her trouble. But she will show mercy. However if her target is of the family she has sworn vengeance against there is no such thing as mercy and she makes sure to tell them exactly why that is.

    Camillia is also very prideful. She has pride in herself and what she does and always takes great offense to learn that her name didn't make it into the history of the Salem Witch Trials. She also detests the fact that in modern days forms of witchcraft like Paganism are more accepted and not met with the panic that witchcraft was met with when she was still a mortal.

    Weapon(s): Camillia carries with her a simple steel sword to use for killing. She keeps it sharp and polished and easily and coat the blade in various poisons. Some of which are strong enough even a simple scratch of the blade would cause the death of a mortal.

    Past Life: Camillia was born in London, England in 1672. In the early 1690's Camillia and her family moved from London to Salem, Massachusetts, she was 20 years old at the time. Camillia always had a gift for mixing herbs that she believed held otherworldly qualities and thus became adept at mixing all sorts of remedies, and poisons. She also at times she saw things, undead things and she felt as if another world was out there. Camillia even went as far as to develop a ritual to try to contact these spirits. But she was caught by the Mayor's son Edward Kenton and put in prison under accusations of witchcraft. She was found guilty and after her tongue was removed she was sentenced to be hung at Dawn on March 31st, 1692, she was taken to limbo instead and was thought to have escaped from prison using her supposed witchcraft. As time passed after the end of the Salem With Trials Camillia was completely forgotten about, not even known in the history of the Trials for her supposed crime.

    Special Gifts/Talents: Camillia holds skill in magic that is greater than others, but only by a small amount. She is by no means completely talented in that area. Her true skills lie in her knowledge of herbs and her ability to mix deadly poisons. She also has gained telepathy to communicate.

    Any Other Info: She is mute and mostly uses her telepathy to communicate to other reapers. She uses sign language in the mortal world. Unless of course she is taunting her targets. She also has sworn revenge against all of Edward Kenton's descendants for what happened to her.

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