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If you love everyone, I guess that means you love me too. Welcome to PC, Shiki!

Nice name I have to say, it looks very cute. Diamond & Pearl were your first games? I have to admit the slow speed wasn't that great but at least the rest of the 4th Generation games fixed that up. I only played the games from Generations 3-5, barring FireRed & LeafGreen. However I have been a Pokemon fan way before I even started playing the games and I never plan on letting go anytime soon.

I heard you love Dark and Dragon-type Pokemon, they do tend to have awesome designs, and over in the Pokemon Clubs section we do have a Dark-type fanclub so go check it out. Cirno has also showed you General Entertainment and Challenges, but feel free to branch out into other parts of the forum as well because PC has loads to offer, and very active members you can talk to.

Have fun, and if you ever need a friend I'm always open for a visitor message!

- Hikari10
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