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    Omg :D I just started SAO today and I love it <3

    Reserve me please.

    Edit: Sign up done

    Real Life Name: Maria Renée
    In-game name: Princess
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Country: Paris, France
    Status: player


    This is what Maria looks like in real life. To start off in SAO her avatar was taller, looking about 17 and blonde. Her starter gear was color a pale lavender in color. Once their avatars changed to look like their true selves she went to her normal short stature and her hair darkened to black. Her starter gear stayed the same. For her weapon she has two daggers with a gold colored handle and a thin curved blade.

    Personality: Maria's personality differs between SAO and RL at first except for that fact that at random moments she speaks in french instead of english without realizing. In real life Maria is timid, a scaredy cat at times and a crybaby (though not often). She doesn't like fighting and hates violence. Though she was forced to play SAO with her older brother Phillip and she really didn't want to. Though her feelings changed when she started playing. She grew more sure of herself and actually enjoyed playing SAO. That was until the log-out button disappeared and they were told what would happen if they either died or someone in the real world disconnected them. The shock of this made Maria's brave and fierce side withdraw into herself. It's not gone just hidden deep within her. From her fear she now acts like she does in the real world though with a greater fear of dying. A fear that is not helped when her brother dies in front of her shortly after Kayaba Akihiko finishes his speech.

    History: Maria was born and raised in Paris, France to loving parents Jacques and Annette Renée. She has one older brother Phillip and a younger brother Jacques Jr. Her life growing up was relatively happy. She did good in school learning to speak English as her second language but she will always have an accent when she speaks it. Her parents spent all their time working, and her brothers playing video games that she spent a lot of time to herself, and a lot of time being picked on by the neighborhood girls.

    On her brother Phillip's 17th birthday he received a copy of SAO from a relative who had forgotten he had been in the beta and already had a copy, so he asked her to play with him. As much as she didn't want to Maria couldn't tell Phillip no on his birthday but to her surprise she actually enjoyed playing this game with her big brother. Though things changed when the log off button disappeared. After Kayaba Akihiko speech Maria watched as her brother died in front of her. Her parents had come home and upon getting no response from her or Phillip they tried to remove Phillip's NerveGear and he died, it was lucky for Maria that the moment her parents realized that the NerveGear had been what killed Phillip when they removed it they didn't dare try to remove it from her. Though Maria is traumatized by her brothers death she doesn't want to die and wants to beat this no matter how scared she is. She trained hard after Phillip died, staying away from other players until she reached level 12, she's often been accused of being a beater but in reality she just follows all her brother told her, since he had been in the Beta.

    Skills: -Familiar Recovery
    - Battle Healing
    - Blade Throwing
    - Musical instrument

    Sword arts: 1. Scarlet Toss: Maria holds her daggers so the blade is facing backwards her feet equally apart. She then flings her daggers at her enemy while red bolts of energy surround the daggers as the go through the air.
    2. Leaping Tiger: Maria jumps high into the air her daggers turning a deep orange in color resembling the color of a tiger as she falls she throws the daggers.
    Level: 12
    Code: Link Start

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