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My current FireRed team, after sacrificing most of my Pokemon to the 4th gen:

Miles (Ninetales, Lv. 59) - Flamethrower, Facade, Body Slam
Elixya (Steelix, Lv. 57) - Iron Tail, Dragonbreath, Double-Edge
Etoile (Starmie, Lv. 52) - Minimize, Cosmic Power, Hydro Pump
Moltrois (Moltres, Lv. 52) - Fire Spin, Overheat, Fly, Flamethrower
Jon (Marill, Lv. 5) - Defense Curl, Surf, Blizzard, Return
Egg (probably a Treecko or Squirtle)

It looks like the first three I planned on moving to the 4th gen as well, but they probably got left behind because they knew HMs (which I'd deleted at some point, but forgot to move).

As for my team in Sapphire, I'm on the last leg of a challenge, but really need to grind for the Elite Four:

Brule (Blaziken, Lv. 43) - Return, Peck, Double Kick, Blaze Kick
Rhys (Rhydon, Lv. 42) - Surf, Dig, Ice Beam, Horn Drill
Esplo (Electrode, Lv. 39) - Toxic, Spark, Selfdestruct, Rollout
Nijax (Ninjask, Lv. 36) - Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Fury Cutter, Slash
Dodrei (Dodrio, Lv. 38) - Facade, Tri Attack, Steel Wing, Fly
Illori (Illumise, Lv. 39) - Thunderbolt, Secret Power, Moonlight, Thief

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