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    Reservation please! Thank you!

    Emmanuel Marquez || dotcom

    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Country: Manila, Phillipines
    Status: Level 15: Player Killer

    Appearance: dotcom, as he preferred being called that while inside the game, is a five foot-eleven guy. While not your average Asian, dotcom's Eastern descent is pretty evident in his physical appearance. His skin is dark-brown, as most of the residents of his country is. Being raised in an agricultural country, the relative lack of fast food made dotcom fairly healthy, weighing in at around 100-130 pounds. His hair is colored black, the most abundant color in the Philippines (with the exception of people who dye their hair), and was cut thin, to the point that he can consider himself semi-bald. His eyes are colored deep-brown that it is hard to distinguish whether it really is brown or black. He sports a small scar on his upper lip. He wears a pair of round-framed glasses.

    dotcom uses the default set, but plans to change it as soon as possible.

    Personality: Emmanuel Marquez, in real life, is a shy guy. Despite being in one of the most prestigious university in his country, Emmanuel has few friends, and none of them really close to him. He chose not to participate in any kind of activity which requires interacting with other people. Because of this kind of attitude, people branded him as an awkward and weird guy. However, despite of his apparent apathy in the social norm of groups, Emmanuel has a really active online life. He's an active gamer; trying out every game out there. Known as dotcom, Emmanuel gathered quite a lot of online acquaintances, and is always ready to help out a newbie player.

    dotcom is a careful battler. He never strikes until he is sure that the attack will hit, and fatally. Being a pro-gamer, he knew that tactics combined with brute force is the key to winning any battle, accompanied by proper in-game equipment, is the key to winning, not petty accessories claiming to provide speed boosts or team mates who will just drag him down.

    History: Emmanuel Marquez is an only child of two rich entrepreneurs who barely had time for each other, let alone Emmanuel. He was schooled in three different private schools before he entered college, taking up a bachelor in Computer Science. He was a pro-gamer ever since he was in second-year high school. Ragnarok, Dragon Nest, Age of Empires; name the game and, high chance, Emmanuel had played it before. He led an online guild, he called 'Detoxify,' who were his playmates in every game. Each month, they choose a random game, and would play it, until they reach the end of it.

    When SOA was opened to normal players, Detoxify immediately jumped on in the bandwagon since the game had good reviews from the beta-testers from other gaming guilds. However, dotcom and his guild mates were caught inside the game. When Kayaba revealed his plans, dotcom panicked and turned against his guild mates. Being the guild master, he managed to easily pick the six members of his guild. He planned to defeat the game, killing players who get in his way to eliminate any threat in his survival.

    Currently, he is not affiliated in any of the rogue guilds and has no plans to team up with any of them, though his decision is still flexible.

    Combat: Delay
    Passive: Hiding
    Non-Combat: Alchemy
    Weapon Skills: One Handed Straight Sword

    Sword arts:

    Double Backslash- it can only be used while <Hiding>. dotcom crouches, his sword glowing a pale white, and silently moving behind the enemy. It then makes two slashes, forming a cross pattern, on the enemy's back. Useful if dotcom aims to kill.

    Delay Combo- Use immediately after <Delay>. After interrupting the enemy's attack, dotcom hits the flat side of his sword on top of the enemy's head, possibly rendering them unconscious. A stab follows through. Useful for severely injuring enemy's, though not useful if the intention is to kill.

    Code: Zelda End. I mean, Link Start.


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