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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
Sorry, I'm dropping my reservation. I have another RP I would like to participate and don't think I can balance them at the same time. This RP is cool, but I have to make a choice and I choose the other. I wish you guys luck.
Sorry you couldn't join, but thanks for checking us out anyways.

Originally Posted by EliteBeats View Post
That's a shame, Necrum You are indeed an excellent Rper and could gave been an awesome addition to our crew, if you ever feel like joining us, our arms are always open :D *Leaves arms wide open for the rest of eternity*

And now, I'll try to drag more RPers in the Discussion Thread /*flies away*
I couldn't have done it better. I have raised you well, EliteBeats.

Time to sit patiently and wait for RPers!
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