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Thanks to the latest issue of CoroCoro, we've finally gotten our very first look at the region map. Does anyone out there still not believe this region will be based off of France?

But looking at it, the whole region looks very GREEEEEEN with lots of small chains of mountains spread around. This is very different from Unova, which is much more modern and industrial. Also, it's a much larger region based on the map above. What do you think of it so far? What new types of terrains and locations will you like to see in this new region? Do you like the idea of there being a lot of mountains and forests or jungles?

Also, the main city of the region is called Lumiose City and it's where the tall tower that resembles the Eiffel Tower is located. From what we've seen of Lumiose from previous news and videos, not even that city looks overly modern like Castelia City. What do you think?

For right now, I love how large the Kalos region looks. It definitely seems like it'll be a fun region to explore. However, I'm probably going to hate having to go through a bunch of caves and mountains by the look of it.

PS. If you're looking to discuss the name of the region or speculate on what the English name will be (if any), then you can discuss that over here.
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