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The Minnesota Senate gave final approval on Monday to a bill that will make the state the 12th in the United States to allow same-sex couples to marry and only the second in the Midwest.
The majority Democrat state Senate voted 37-30 to approve the bill legalizing gay marriage, putting Minnesota on the verge of becoming the third state in the nation to approve same-sex nuptials in May after Rhode Island and Delaware.
The state House approved the measure last week.
Democratic Governor Mark Dayton has said he will sign the bill on Tuesday. The law would take effect August 1.
So basically, we here in Minnesota are about to legalize gay marriage just 6 months after striking down a proposed constitutional amendment that would have banned it outright via the state constitution (it was already outlawed by state statute at the time through numerous statutes). This puts Minnesota one step closer to being a total legal safe-haven for the LGBT community, with the few remaining steps including officially repealing the sodomy laws (which, despite being struck down by courts, have yet to actually be repealed) and declaring in state statute that same-sex couples can legally adopt children together instead of the current status where it isn't explicitly stated either way.

Could this mean a change in the status of gay marriage in Wisconsin is on the horizon if Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans are voted out of their majority in 2014? Two of their 4 neighbors have legalized same sex marriage and a third is considering legalizing it. At the very least, I hope it leads to a repeal of the constitutional ban Wisconsin has on same-sex marriage (it's a bit odd there, where they recognize some same-sex unions, but marriage is banned by the state constitution).

What states do you think are next to legalize same sex marriage?

maybe this will mean Bachmann will flee the state to Montana and she'll no longer be my representative effective immediately!
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