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    Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
    People sometimes want to protect animals for the sake of biodiversity,because they like them or are interested, can't that also be viewed as a human interest? I dont see that as a bad thing, but maybe we can agree to dissagree. Helping and protecting animals is an interest of mine, what is your view on people who pursue that as a living, Fenneking? Also many people study animals out of interest or for a career.

    Well, since you ask, let me make a distinction. Biodiversity must utilize resources in forms of medicine, research, biologists, etc, all of which could be directed toward certain species that will assist human life, or to human life itself. For every action we take, we are choosing to not take an action elsewhere, therefore, it's all about a cost-benefit analysis. If we protect an animal with little or no regard to an interest to human life/health we are choosing sentimentality over the lives of humans. Actually, my view on those who pursue that career field are mixed. First, there are those who utilize research grants to study bees, cattle health/behavior, etc. There is a clear reason for bettering our society in protecting or studying certain species, and therefore, that money is being invested in bettering human lives, despite the fact that those funds could have gone directly to human medicine science. If you invest thousands or millions in grant money protecting an animal for mere purposes of biodiversity or sentiment, that money is being spent on this research rather than on direct human medical research. Therefore, a researcher's/preservationist's cause must be greater or equal to medical research or something of equal importance to human life, in order to make an adequate cost-benefit analysis. Therefore, you can protect certain animals and serve the humankind as a career, it's all about what you choose to do in the field. I would suggest to consider this when selecting your expertise. If so, I wish you all the best
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