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Alright, quite a simple poll here: which starter did you choose on your first play of Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver Versions? Why?

Also, is that the starter you normally pick when replaying? If yes/no, why?
And which would you argue is the "best" starter for in-game?

Personally, when I first got SoulSilver I picked Cyndaquil because although I liked Bayleef is dislike with a passion the design of Chikorita and Meganium. Totodile / Croconaw / Feraligatr were the middle ground.

However, when I (for reasons I can't remember, something to do with version-exclusives I think) decided to swap it for HeartGold, I chose Totodile. Although I plan to use Cyndaquil on my next playthrough, Totodile undoubtedly evolves into the strongest pokémon (Feraligatr) whose versatility means you never come unstuck (As opposed to Typhlosion, who has a sadly quite limited movepool, and become stuck against Clair and Lance, making it pretty awkward to use). Totodile's design has also grown on me somewhat, and Feraligatr's sprite in Hg/Ss is arguably his best IMO.
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