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    Brian blinked at Nova, who shrugged.

    "I'm always up for a battle. Hopefully my opponent will be strong." the arcanine said boredly, scratching his ear. Brian nodded as she sent a message to Mark, presumably. He didn't know for sure. But... He wasn't thrilled at the prospect of battling, especially without Thyme, Duster, and Leena around.

    "Um... I..." he said weakly, blinking a bit. He really hoped she wouldn't get the wrong impression from that.

    Thyme, Duster, and Leena

    "Alright." the snivy said at last, sighing softly. She wanted to thank him, to tell him how afraid she had been, how annoying her companions were. How much she had missed him. But she just couldn't find the words. She closed her crimson eyes and then smiled, her face arrogant and friendly, as usual.

    "So, where are we... LEENA! Get your ssstupid ssself out of hisss bag!" she said, seeing the ghost float into Mark's bag. Shortly afterwards she floated out, carrying on of his belongings. She giggled, rolling over and sticking her tongue out.

    "Ok! Mwehehehe!~" she laughed. Duster sighed and scampered up mark's shoulder, looking down at the device in his hands like she had never seen one before, watching him send a message.
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