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Aside from the Starter Pokemon offered in this group, what other Pokemon could you choose as a starter?

Hmm, I'm not quite sure about this. I feel like a lot of Normal types would fit the whole starter type thing, as quite a few of them fit the bill both design-wise and stat-wise. However, most of the Normal type Pokemon only have two stages, where I feel like they start not really fitting in as starters. Part of what makes me love starter Pokemon so much, is that their evolutionary line is designed in a way, so that it feels like with every stage in their evolutionary line is like a new stage in their life. The first stage is when they're babies, second is the teenage years, and the final stage is when they're adults, and that kinda creates a bond between the player and their starter Pokemon (well, for those who see Pokemon as more than slaves for battle :p). But yeah, even missing that one stage is enough to make that whole journey completely different for me :/ The Normal types with 3 evolutionary stages do however fit well enough in my book, so try and guess which one I'm gonna say!

it's pidgey btw