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Originally Posted by ashsenpai View Post
Cool, hang out time!

My message was too short so now I have to add the necessary characters
Originally Posted by Okazaki~Tomoya View Post
hello! i already made an intro topic but why not post here!
I've been on the pokemon craze since red and blue were big!
Just recently got white 2 and joining to meet many different people and fight many different assortments of teams!
Also here for lots and lots of trades and once ready open a trading shop to help people who are just starting out like me
Hello guys, welcome to PC!

Don't worry if you have to make a short intro, Ashsenpai. Some people do feel shy when they first join PC but remember we have people here who can help you if you get lost. Feel free to tell me more about yourself cos, you never know that you might share an interest with a fellow member!

And Okazaki, nice to see you've been a fan since the good old days. I have never played Red & Blue (in fact, anything before 3rd Generation) so I guess call me a late bloomer eh? However, I have been a dedicated fan since the start. Since you came here for trades I highly recommend you check out the Trade Corner section which has always been a hotspot for many members here. I don't visit it myself but I heard it's very fun!

Enjoy your stay guys, and remember to read the rules. You can also contact Cirno or another bold name person if you need help!
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