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    Originally Posted by TenaciousWolf View Post
    Couldn't agree more with this. I really am enjoying the challenges.
    I might have to go and do all of the eras one day. I'm quite tempted to.

    Well actually I'm thinking exactly the same thing
    I hope to have completed all Eras on both Fire Red and Emerald one day

    Time for more update :D

    part 4

    Got HM04 - Strenght and made my way to Fallarbor,
    Meteor Falls, Mt.Chimney and eventually Lavaridge!
    Easily beat Flannery with Bram and got the Go-Goggles from Brendan.
    Beat the next 2 parts of the Trick House and returned to Petalburg!
    Easily beat Dad and got Surf from Wally's father.
    Caught a Magnemite in New Mauville and named it Sparkle!
    Sparkle grew to lvl 30 and evolved!
    Got Ice Beam on the Abandoned Ship and Sludge Bomb on Dewford Island.
    Bram grew to lvl 36 and evolved into Swampert!
    Beat Team Aqua and Brendan at the Weather Institute.
    Currently saved at the Fortree Pokémon Center

    Stone Badge - Knuckle Badge - Dynamo Badge - Heat Badge -
    Balance Badge

    Swampert lvl 39, Modest / Torrent
    Linoone lvl 38 Rash / Pick-Up
    Breloom lvl 38, Naive / Effect Spore
    Magneton lvl 40, Gentle / Magnet Pull
    Originally Posted by Hinokage
    Dude, no. I'm over 1000 eggs in and I'm not giving up. We're...not giving up. We're way too deep in at this point and we deserve our shiny. This has been a message from your local Masuda Method Breeding support group.
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