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Sylvia Hanson

Holly requested that Sylvia watch Kayla, which she had already made a point of volunteering to do, before running out of the room. What Sylvia hadn't counted on were the concerned pokemon in the room that were glaring at her and Shiva as she kept watch over Kayla's unconscious form.

Wonderful the suicune dorm student thought to herself, the situation being made worse by Shiva returning the glares.
"Stop making the situation worse and try to keep her cool" Sylvia instructed her pokemon, to which the ice-type replied with a sigh. Shiva climbed to the bed and used her cool body as an ice pack for the unconscious girl.

Zayne Alta

Zayne had been in the midst of training with Andromeda when he had noticed the familiar face of Steven Yew and his Gardevoir, Tetra, hurrying across the landscape followed by a floating pile of bones. Zayne took note of this and, his curiosity piked, began to follow his colleague having Andromeda keep tabs on him so he didn't lose him in the growing throngs of people. Soon enough he found Yew, who was working on something in what seemed to be some sort of forensic or archaeological lab. As Andromeda landed next to him the two entered the room
"That looks interesting, what have you got there?"

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