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    Just finished most of my assessment, so I can dedicate more time to hacking. Anyway, just finished the Lavender Town arc entirely (screenshot is available).

    Created a new area in LAVENDER TOWN known as "Dream Cave"
    (screenshot is available).

    Also changed several stuff from Beta 2, read the Changelog
    to see the changes from Beta 2 to Beta 3.

    Also fixed the trainer sprite

    Just started Green Debut Arc.

    Originally Posted by chaosrules View Post
    I came to ask the same thing. I'm really interested in this(though I never read the manga). Probably gonna start playing it regardless of whether or not this is answered.

    I'm also curious, how much play time is expected of the final product?
    Originally Posted by ectoplasmaticgoo View Post
    At which point does beta 2.6 ends? Is the game complete or?
    The beta 2.6 ends right after defeating Koga in LAvender Tower.

    I honestly don't know the expected play time of the final product. This is because I want to make Orange Isle playable. Therefore, after the manga story, the game would then follow the Orange Isle Arc storyline, so Kabuto Island, etc.

    Originally Posted by playplayj View Post
    Just completely finished Beta 2.6, really enjoyed it! You did a great job with Poliwhirl's evolution into Poliwrath placing the water stone underwater.

    One thing I would change is how Bulbasaur evolves. In the manga I'm pretty sure he doesn't become Ivysaur until Celadon so once you figure out how to change how pokemon evolve, making it so Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur through a certain item you can only get in Celadon would be cool because I already have a level 25 Ivysaur and I'm in Lavender Town. Additionally I'd do something similar once you reach Silph Co. because that's when Ivysaur becomes Venasaur. I would bump up the base stats of Bulbasaur and Ivysaur a little bit also. Great hack so far though! Really loved this beta it and I can't wait for the next update!
    Okay, I'll take your suggestion. However, I won't change anything on Bulbasaur, I don't mind Bulbasaur evolving to Ivysaur. However, I will make IVYSAUR evolve to VENUSAUR through a special event.

    In Beta 3, I really wanna focus on the evolutions. Therefore, I'll try to find a way to make Ivysaur evolves by a certain location or possibly event.
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