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    Hey everyone!

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm Turtleking (TK for short) and I was quite a frequent writer in this forum a while ago. Most of you guys here know me for my Trainerfic - Poke Special Manga: DP which was my interpretation of the Diamond & Pearl games. It was an extremely fun fic to write (I actually went back and read it all this week and was entertained by it; sad that I never got to finish it). In recent years (months even) I've popped up with a few fic ideas that just didn't seem to fall through. I had an interest in writing Digimon fics, but I just couldn't figure out a unique plot for me to actual complete a fic. I've also tried different fics in my own time, but I found myself bored with it.

    With all of that being said (and I know it's quite a lot), I'm please to announce that I am currently done with the preliminary stages of a Pokemon fanfiction that I think will be a great story. The story of this RP is somewhat revolved around the game Pokemon Conquest (for those of you that don't know this game or have never played it, please Google it; it's awesome!). To get an idea of where I am currently at in my writing, let's just say I am done with the creating the main characters and villains, and I have a generalization of how many chapters I plan on writing (roughly 7 volumes and 100 chapters). To some people, it seems like a lot, but I've accomplished this before with my most successful fiction (I believe I stopped at 80 for PSM: DP).

    The title of this fic is in the works because this fic is somewhat based on a previous fic/RP that I had titled the Elite Army (a group of Ace Trainers ban together to conquer evil, yadda yadda yadda). However, I don't want to call it Elite Army. As for now, an idea for titles are "Pokemon Revolution" or "Pokemon Rebellion". Those titles probably suck (XD) but please feel free to let me know your opinion after you look at this brief plot for my fanfiction. Keep in mind that this is in an alternate universe from the "traditional" Pokemon world:

    "In the region of Ransei, many people believe in different things...

    There are people who believe the myth that their land was created in the image of creator Pokemon... a land where humans and Pokemon alike can work together on one accord. This peace between the species is seen as the driving force towards the success and progression of life in this world.

    There are people who believe in competition... the frequent acts of several different activities that people and Pokemon can participate in. Whether if it is battling in the annual region-wide Tournament or participating in the Grand Festival for coordinating competitions, humans and Pokemon share time working towards their goals of perfection.

    And then there are people who believe in manifest destiny... the thought that if a person wants something, whether if it is free or belongs to someone else, they have the right to take it if it is within their power. Without any regard for the current condition or thoughts of anyone else, manifest destiny could be potentially tragic and chaotic for any civilization.

    This, unfortunately, is the current state of Ransei region. With the re-election of the Dragnor province's ambassador as the Ransei region's sovereign, the entire area is in a state of shock and turmoil. With new policies and laws being initiated across the seventeen provinces, many people are confused as to whether or not they should revolt against the sovereign. People are being limited to the number of Pokemon they can catch, what type of Pokemon they can catch, and a host of other blasphemous practices. However, no one dares to challenge the sovereign's authority due to his extreme power... not to mention his equally as powerful Pokemon team.

    With these turbulent times present, who can anyone put an end to the ominous reign of the sovereign?"

    Of course, there's more to this story than just the plot above, but this is the general plot on the surface. Let me know what you guys think! I'm open to all forms of constructive criticism. Feel free to post them here or perhaps PM me or VM me. I will begin working on the first chapter of this fic some time next week so be on the look out for it!

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