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To Hell We Ride: Renegade Atlanteans

Here’s those small profiles I promised yesterday. Feel free to bunny these characters in your posts, if you have any queries, PM either myself or Skymin. Now would also be a good time to create relationships with those in other factions.

Jacques Morain

Age: 23
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 76kg
Nationality: French
Ability: Meteorikinesis

Crazed and out of his mind, Jacques stands atop the Eiffel Tower, raining hell down from up above. To get to him, you’ll have to avoid being crushed by meteorites, attacked by his Band Members below, and also scaled one thousand feet vertically to reach him. If you manage to do this, then it should be a breeze dispatching the man, as he is currently focused on destroying Paris. His eyes are now glowing,as are the rings of his Atlantean Tattoo enveloping his neck, and his body almost like a furnace. Even if you are to kill him, the meteorites will not stop right away. However, if you possess a silver tongue, you may be able to get him to call off the attack.

Dietger Van Damme

Age: 22
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 69kg
Nationality: Belgian
Ability: Vocalkinesis

Leader of the band, and slightly older twin, Dietger is a wonder with his voice. In battle, he relies on his voice as much as he does when singing, and in turn it becomes his greatest weapon. When used aggressively, the voice echoes out like bubbles, with the power to knock you clean off your feet of you’re not careful. He can also increase his pitch, shattering glass and eardrums, even earplugs may not save to from his ear-shattering scream. His weakness comes in his lack of fighting skills, incapacitate his throat, and you’re home to a chicken dinner!

Maria Van Damme

Age: 22
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 66kg
Nationality: Belgian
Ability: Sonic Guitar

Calm and controlled as opposed to her overly-aggressive brother, this girl knows how to rock! Like her brother’s voice, Maria’s ability stems from the strumming of her guitar, sending out sonic waves akin to a gust of wind, rather than her brother’s bubble like sound waves. Not enough to throw you back, but enough to hurtle full speed into your gut, winding you. The speeds of the sound waves are relative to her strumming, and she can also utilise the whammy bar to create a constant wave-like flow of sonic energy. Make her drop that bass and trash the guitar, and Maria will no longer be a threat.

Matthias Mertens

Age: 23
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 87kg
Nationality: Greek
Ability: Cement Armour

The Drummer. Stocky build, and deadly with drumsticks, this man’ll take a bit to take him down. His ability utilises the cement from the side paths to attract to his body, forming rudimentary, yet solid armour for his body. If you can pierce through a couple centimetres of concrete, then his soft core is all yours, however looking for chinks in his armour would be the safest bet. The man’s gotta move around, so joints would be a good place to start, however certain layers of the cement layer overlap, creating small weak spots that could be utilised to take this monster down. My last advice is to watch out, he may be slow, but boy can the man pack a punch. Punching with fists of cement or slamming them down at foes are his signature moves, get too close, and he won’t hesitate to try to flatten you with a decent stomp!
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