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    Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
    Just wanted to point out something here. RNG = Random Number Generator and this is what generates the nature, IVs, ability, etc. of every Pokemon you'll ever encounter. RNG Abuse is manipulating the RNG to receive the exact Pokemon you want. RNG occurs within the game itself without any use of external devices.
    Technically there are no external "devices", but there is software used to tell you what frame to look for and such. Without that external assistance, you would have no way of knowing what frame would produce the desired effect. Yes, the algorithm is found in the game, but RNG is essentially backdooring that algorithm and thus playing the game in a way not intended by Nintendo. This cheapens the experience and reward of collecting shiny pokemon for example by making the act of collecting them far easier than intended.

    EDIT: @Mac: My apologies. I was simply defending my honor
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