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Oakley North - Paris, France

8th November, 2012
"Excuse me, but perhaps it is better we spilt up. James and I can handle ourselves. Librarian, keep Oakley safe," Nathaniel said before slinking off with James into the battlefield. Oakley stood there for a moment, a little dis-heartened. What, they had been with her for a week now. They had seen what she could do. Surely they didn't think she was still the weak little girl who had pleaded for her life back at the Atlantean Centre? She could control it... a bit. She scoffed and turned to face the Librarian, who was only smiling wryly.

"Well, how are you going to take that, little lady?" he winked at her and gestured towards the boys. Oakley nodded and ran after them, screaming their names so hopefully they'd stop but unfortunately, they were bigger and faster than her and the roar of meteors drowned out her voice. They were probably too focused on the music anyhow to even concentrate on any other sounds in the background.

A meteor crashed right by them but the two were tough enough to brush it off. James said something to Nathaniel and took off in the other direction. Oakley frowned, unsure who to follow now. Didn't the Librarian say to stick together? In the end, she chose Nathaniel, since James seemed pretty keen to do things on his own.

Nathaniel headed into town and by now, Oakley was out of breath, coughing as she tried to breathe out Nathaniel's name. She was still too far away to get his attention but he'd have to stop sooner or later and then Oakley would catch up. But he didn't, he took off again, this time towards the Eiffel Tower. What was with this guy? Did he know she was following him and purposely avoiding her? At least she had a bit of time to catch her breath and go back into a brisk jog again.

She turned a corner, following Nathaniel, until the tower was full in view, as well as a scary, stone monster. Nathaniel pushed it away with... something, revealing a girl basically underneath it.

"Nathaniel!!" Oakley yelled out, though her voice again was caught in the wind. When would they stop??
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