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    ^ That worked, btw c:

    Anyway, um, I have a very specific problem now. One of my players posted about an error they got:

    I instructed him to try redownloading, and while his save file did indeed load that time, Map Connections in his save file ONLY have been hit pretty hard.
    i.e my save file, connections are perfectly fine; when I switch to his:

    They no longer sync up as the map scrolls, and in fact become extremely unstable potentially to the point of crashing his game + making it visually unnavigable. Teleporting between connections DOES still work, however. It just looks awful now.

    I found where in the script this error is caused:
    In PokemonLoad:
      if !$ # Map wasn't set up
              Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("The map is corrupt. The game cannot continue."))
    However, I'm not really sure what that condition means in spite of the comment. The Map obviously existed, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to save there. And no other players have reported a problem with this map.

    This person has almost 70 hours of gameplay time logged onto his save file (?!), so I really would like to do anything possible to make sure he doesn't have to lose his data. Does anyone have an idea what might have caused this error in the first place, or how it can be fixed now?
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