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    I've not played ALL the games mind you, only Blue and Black. I don't use Legendaries, either. It would just be way way too easy that way! I think Blue was harder than Black though, probably because I was a newbie and never knew about weaknesses. They were both easy for me in general though. A good grind can make it even easier. Since there is a fight in every piece of grass/stone just about, the grind happens whether I liked it to or not. ^ ^; (A tough game of this genre is called Shin Megami Tensei.)

    The AI is terrible from what I've seen, and most wild Pokemon are very bad at making decisions. Many times they spam moves like "Leer" over and over, but never attack. I've had many moments where one attack could have finished me off so many times, but they never decided to give the finishing blow.

    The Gym Leaders in Black were so easy that I was able to win every single fight just by using Lilligant. Apart from the Ace Trainers I never felt challenged in Black. I barely remember Blue anymore, but I do remember my Gyarados beating down everything in his sight. xD

    I think Pokemon was made to be easy so everyone of all ages could enjoy it though (obviously, yes?). It was made to require skill when it comes to the competitive battles though. Humans are A LOT more challenging than Pokemon AI.
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