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Dexter Patrick Prince || Lugia Dorm
+ Helioptile

Rosie called on her two Pokemon. Dex decided to do the same; it would be good if Pan and Pid get some more experience under their belt before he officially starts school tomorrow. Oh man. I forgot I was in a school. Plus, he needs both of them stronger so they would be capable of evolution. Seeing some Pokemon of the other trainers made Dex a little less confident. How could a Pansage, Pidgeotto, a Keckleon and a Helioptile stand up to something like a Rhyperior? He'll be crushed for sure. "Let's go in."

The first thing he noticed was how cold the dormitory is. Even in the what-used-to-be-a-lobby, the feeling of unease never left Dex. Second thing he saw were the countless graffiti lining the walls. Even here, rule-breakers could not restrain themselves. Will I find more when I go inside?


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