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    Iny Gage: Outside The Lugia Dorm
    Iny stood back as she scolded the mouse, Almost feeling sorry for it but yet wanting to kick it at the same time.

    "I-I think that we should get her to the Pokemon center..." Kayla whispered, struggling to stand up despite her injured leg.

    Iny nods quickly, "Yeah, That would likely be best" She said putting up the offered berry back in the small sack. Slowly getting up she makes sure cally is still nearby and returns the small fox to her pokeball.

    "Sorry girl, You get lost even easier than I do, Can't have you running off right now." She apologizes to the ball before putting it up.

    "This day sucks," the girl whispers. "F-First Holly forgets to take her medicine, then that guy starts to stalk us, and then this happens..." The girl starts to cry out.

    "That isn't even all that happened to her today" Iny starts to explain, "I'll wait till we get to the pokemon center to explain though so the nurse is there also." Iny backs out, still a little ashamed of how she almost chickened out back at the lugia dorm.
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