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    Oh and sorry Wolfy! :3 i'll try to post as soon as possible with Oz ^^

    Khawill- Is it okay for Nami to interact with Frio in the infirmary? c: if so then i'll make her leave the pool ASAP so that both events can start ^^



    Name: Secret
    Nickname: Divine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 1024
    Specie: Mermaid


    Personality: Divine is very kind and charming young woman. Well... Young is the least we could call her since this woman is around 1024 years old. Divine is like a guardian for the newcomers in Fairytale and often called a heroine by them for several reasons. Despite of Divine's kindness she has a hate for flowers and men. Both make her feel uneasy and tend her drive her crazy. There goes a rumor that says that Divine once killed her human husband and his mistress after she found him cheating on her with that woman.

    Divine has a splitten personality, her second personality being very evil, murderous and deadly. Her second personality doesn't have mercy for enemies, it doesn't matter if they attacked her or not, she kills all of them without shedding even one tear. Her second personality loves blood and despair and does everything to kill the one she is after. There is another rumor about her saying that she is a "Yandere" and kills every woman that likes the man that she likes. This rumor has never been conformed because Divine was never found in love since she joined fairytale.

    History: secret

    Weakness: Flowers and men
    Other: secret
    Code: Melon Strawberry
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