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The Pokemon Trainer Academy

Sylvia Hanson & Derrick Fastolf & Link Neal

Icy Plains
Theme: Blaze of Glory - Jon Bon Jovi

Sylvia sized up her opponents choices carefully; the other Glaceon, of course, and a Gible. Sylvia wasn't overly cocnerned about the Glaceon, it didn't look as powerful as Shiva and she knew Ice types inside and out. The Gible didn't look to be much of a threat either, and was even weak to Ice... but it could learn fire, rock and fighting moves mich made it more of a threat that it appeared. She flashed a sudden, rather menacing grin at her opponents.

Rudolph watched from the distance, enraged, as it stared at the battle that was about to begin. That must've been him, not that dork of a Gible! It won't stand a chance, the rest of the Pokémon are ice-type! He should've been sent to this battle, instead!

Stantler began walking around what was now the Trainers' battlefield, muttering to himself as he cursed at Gible in its own Stantler language.

Watching... Learning...

"Hope you guys are ready. Frosty, use Blizzard. Shiva, Dig!" Frosty moved to be more forward than Shiva and unleashed a tremendous storm of snow and ice towards his two opponents that rushed to engulf them in a cold frenzy. Shiva on the other hand leapt up and plummed towards the ice, smashing a hole in it before digging under the ground below. Sylvia figured Shiva would seek to emerge from below the other Glaceon.

Derrick stood shocked as he saw the inmense force of the Blizzard that was heading towards them, "Get away from there, Return!" Without hesitation, Gible stood sideways in respect to the blizzrd, and propelled itself with both its feet at a great speed. Yet it seems it also made him somewhat oblivious to his environment. Moving in a straight line, it collided with a stalagmite formation that ws right next to him. What followed was a Gible rolling in the air between several small shards of ice. Derrick couldn't help but facepalm at the sight of his Gible landing over his stomach and crying in pain, "Nice one, Ipso... Nice one."

A blizzard attack... Good choice. Link grinned and called out to Holly. "Okay bud, you gotta take this blizzard, but watch out for the other glaceon!" He felt a shiver of excitement fill his entire body. This is where he could just let loose. There was no struggle in trying to speak to anyone he could just work with his closest friends to achieve victory. "Alright Holly, send as many shadow balls as you can towards the ground!" Let's see what you got in mind next, Sylvia."

Watching... Learning

The hell... Sylvia watched as Derrick's Gible dived out the way of Frosty's Blizzard but then lauched itself straight into a stalagmite. Sylvia was bemused, she wasn't really sure whether to laugh or yell at the stupid dragon that was now rolling around the battlefield. Her other opponent on the other hand made a much better play. Link had Holly endure the Blizzard, knowing she would take minimal damage because of her typing and had her launch repeated Shadow Balls through the icy ground below.
[i]Smart move, he clearly worked out that Shiva was the biggest threat to Holly.[i]

"Looks like you have your head screwed on better than I thought after all" she laughed to herself before deciding on how to respond to the rather dire situation "Shiva, take the hit and use Mirror Coat!" As one of Holly's attacks went through the ice she saw a faint shimmer through the hole. Soon after there was a bright flash as the Mirror Coat attack reacted with twice the force of the Shadow Ball. Chunks of rock flew as Shiva emerged from the, now wider, hole.
Now for Ipso...
"Frosty, use Mirror Shot!" A small silver-white ball formed before the Vanilite before going flying at the struggling Gible.

Gible shakes his head as he gets rid of any remainders of the stalagmites. Which is to say he moved his entire body around, since that's also his head. Ipso then turned around in a glorious jump, readying itself for Derrick's next command... And then it was hurt by some silver orb of sorts. This was not the little guy's day, it seemed, as it was sent flying away from where he was... colliding against the ice-hard floor after a couple of seconds.

Link's eyes widened. A mirror coat?! Sylvia really does know her stuff. The blow hit Holly with force twice the power of the numerous amounts of shadowballs that she had shot off. Holly landed on the ground, as she tried to get up she stumbled. "Damn... That was one hard hit, huh? Let's throw in the towel for us. You look like you can barely walk." Holly gave a weak glare and shook her head slowly. "Come on Holly your'e at your limit." Link looked straight into the glaceon's eyes and he had a moment of understanding. "Okay fine, were not going out without a fight!" Link grinned. "Alright, bud time for our one last stand! Hit that glaceon with a Toxic!"

Sylvia's eyes narrowed menacingly as Shiva was hit with the toxic spray at close range.
Apparently I'm not the only one here who thought of teach Toxic to a Glaceon Sylvia wasn't overly happy about her Glaceon being posioned like that. She looked on as Shiva winced from the pain, the poisoning taking its toll. There was going to be hell to pay for that.

Watching... Learning

"Are you okay, Shiva?
"Gla-" the ice type nodded, lowering her knees ready to pounce and glaring defiantly at her counterpart.
"Okay, good." Sylvia said looking at Link "payback time, use Toxic!" Shiva grinned as she returned the favour spitting poison all over Holly. But Sylvia wasn't done there
"Don't give her a chance to fight back, hit her with an Aqua Tail!" This time Shiva jumped up swinging her tail, that was now emerged in a wave of water, at her opponent.

Gible had finally stood up, looking like he been ran over by a parade cart or something. Almost fainting as it struggled to keep his eyes open. Derrick had said something to it about giving up, but Ipso Facto didn't listen to this... Because she... Is going... To pay.

Suddenly flames engulfed the Gible's teeth, just as if his anger had manifested itself in his mouth, with flames big enough to stop him from closing his mouth fully. With a dissorderly march it began jumping, running and what as it set its target on Shiva. That Glaceon is so going to pay. And then his pal will also learn his lesson, speaking of which---

"Frosty, don't let that Gible interfere! Icy Wind." The Vanilite, laughing the whole time unleashed what seemed to be a weaker variant of the earlier Blizzard towards Ipso trying to cover as wide a range as it could.

"Holly! Watch out!" The glaceon took the full force of a toxic-aqua tail combo. She fell on to the cold ground, breathing heavily. "You put up a good fight bud... I'm proud of you." Link smiled softly as he returned Holly back to her pokeball. I wonder how Derrick's going to fare by himself.Link looked towards the battle, things where starting to heat up... literally.

The Icy Wind had managed to slow Gible down and, out of its now low strenght, it was also quelling the flames to an extent. Ipso could now close his mouth due to the lesser amount of flames in his mouth. But he wasn't willing to give, just... not yet. Every step he took he endured the Icy Wind and tried to shield himself behind the flames that his mouth projected. He was so close, just a few more steps... Hang on... Don't faint, you're so close...

Watching... Learning...

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