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Conor Crawford || Path To Oak Town

The events outside the dorm were unfolding quicker than Conor could keep up. Before he knew it a new boy arrived on the scene, he was carrying a pair of crutches but didn’t seem to be using them for himself. “Must be for someone else” Conor thought, “Or wait …… there probably for that poor girl who crawled herself up here”. Conor heard Kayla say to Iny that they needed to get Holly to the Pokémon Center. Kayla stood up and looked to be in discomfort, it was then she asked for her crutches and Ace passed them along to her. With this he heard Ace speak, "You won't be able to walk like that". He then threw a Poke ball to the ground, and out came a Charizard. "I'll have my Charizard walk with her on his back, we'll follow him. Don't worry, your cousin will be alright" he added. This Pokémon was something else, having lived in the Hoenn region all his life, Conor never actually seen a Charizard before, only seeing pictures and reading about them in books.

As Holly was placed on the Charizard, the group made for Oak Town. Conor already walked the path to Oak Town earlier that day, but never did he think he would walk the same path again in the same day under these circumstances.

Conor walked just behind the rest, he remained silent and reflected on everything that just happened. He looked ahead and saw Kayla give Shawn a hug then give him a kiss. This was a rough time, the three up ahead clearly knew each other pretty well. Conor never had what he could call ‘friends’, he spent most of his childhood skipping school, and then didn’t stay long enough in Viridian City to become friends with anyone. He looked towards Iny, “I should probably say something to her. I don’t even know her name yet. Considering both of us were there when Holly fell, perhaps I should ask her if she’s ok?” Conor mumbled quietly.
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