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Name: Thane Everstorm
Age: 28
Family Symbol: A wave that encircles the entire ring.
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Appearance: Thane is tall, suave and definitely appealing to look at. The worst part about it is, he knows it. Thane stands well above 6 feet tall, with an athletic though hardly bulky build. In fact, Thane is arguably quite thin for his height, looking lanky with his long limbs. He has wavy dark brown hair, combed back in an unruly, yet styled mess. He keeps the hair out of his shimmering blue eyes that are said to undress even the most conservative of women. Thin, yet expressive (and kissable) lips hide a wide, bright white smile that seduces all. Thane has few impurities scarring his sculpted face, making the man truly a work of art. Thane keeps himself exceptionally well groomed. For example, he keeps his facial hair trimmed and styled, with only a little shadow to give his face some character and age (fearing his baby face). Additionally, it is said that Thane showers at least twice daily and washes his hair every other day to keep it in flawless condition. Thane's runes are branded on his upper body, on his shoulders and chest where he often plays them off as tattoos. On his right shoulder is Dexteritas, his left Endurance and on his chest is Voyance.

To maintain this image of masculine perfection, Thane dresses himself with high standards. Rarely seen not dressed in the finest European suits, Thane continually dresses as if he has to attend a major meeting, or to create an illusion that he is more important than you (which in his mind, he kind of is). Thane usually keeps the color scheme neutral, favoring grays and blues, but this is not to say he doesn't occasionally mix it up and change up the color scheme entirely. Outside of suits, Thane wears button down casual shirts (matching the color scheme of his suits) with a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. As far as accessories go, Thane wears a silver Rolex watch and a few rings, including the family insignia one.

Thane's battle gear is pretty standard issue. Often working solo missions, Thane is prepared for virtually any scenario. He wears black pants, shirt, gloves, belt and combat boots (pretty much like everyone else). However, that is where the similarities end. Thane's shirt has a hood to hide his face and keeps the sleeves drawn back for effective use of his weapon(s). Additionally, Thane's belt has a number of holsters for extra tools that may prove useful in stealth missions. In less than stealthy engagements, Thane usually puts on a Kevlar combat vest for extra protection.


Personality: Thane is not what you would expect out of a Shadowhunter. This is mostly because at first glance, Thane hardly seems the type to argue, fight or even kill. This is because he is such a nice guy. No, it is because Thane is far too preoccupied with flirting with the opposite sex, or same sex if enough alcohol is involved. Generally speaking, Thane lives life in a very relaxed manner, taking it as comes and refusing to swim against the current. He goes with the flow and deals with whatever life throws at him as it comes. This means that Thane never really thinks too far ahead, refusing to make plans (unless it is a date of some kind) or worrying about the future. Additionally, Thane does not bother himself with living life with some strict code of honor to guide his actions. Instead, he allows his whims or desires guide his respective actions. This can be interpreted as living on selfish impulses, or living precariously on the edge of life like some thrill seeker, but Thane believes that he is simply living life truly. Thane is guided by his own individual philosophy that life is about enjoying who you are and what you are doing. In this respect, Thane lives in the present and strives to make life as enjoyable as he can.

Undoubtedly, this conflicts with his profession that consumes much of his time. Just because Thane is concerned with his whole rather modest ambitions does not mean that Thane is a failure as a Shadowhunter. In fact, Thane believes that his easy going nature actually enhances his efficiency as one, allowing him to adjust to the conditions of the job and helping him deal with any moral conflict or ambiguity surrounding the questionable nature of it. Unlike some Shadowhunters, Thane does not see his profession as a noble crusade that needs to be done for the greater good, sometimes engaging in philosophical discussions with himself (or others) about the "war" and "conflicts" between the two groups. However, it is what it is and Thane continues on with his role leaving such thoughts as mere philosophy. Thane is able to improvise as needed because he is not necessarily concerned about how things get done, but rather that they get done in the end. That being said, Thane is somewhat concerned with efficiency and can get serious, especially with missions of great importance. He understands his duty as a Shadowhunter and the responsibilities that come with it. In conjunction with his easy going morality, and you have the recipe for an aloof character that has successfully distanced his work persona from his "true" self. In other words, Thane refuses to allow Shadowhunting to define who he is.

Forging his own destiny and persona is Thane's utmost concern and his engagements with others demonstrate this greatly. He rarely talks about "work" with his co-workers, friends and family (if he can manage to do so), moving the conversation towards more casual means. While difficult, Thane tries to keep things casual, easy going and fun. He is informal, despite appearing to be formal (in his dress and appearance) on a regular basis, but polite to those he is interested in. Thane, however, can be rude to others, being exceptionally bossy to new recruits. Thane finds himself easily bothered by uptight individuals and those not open to his more relaxed approach towards life. In this regard, Thane is judgmental and irritable showing no fear in conveying his own opinions. That being said, he is not close minded and is willingly to hear others out. This is perhaps because of Thane's intellectual curiosity and desire to learn more about others and the outside world in some venture to find his real purpose.

History: The Everstorms are not an old Shadowhunter family, only recently becoming one in the 17th century, but that hasn't stopped them from gaining notoriety amongst their kind. Wealth and prestige might as well be the family motto of the Everstorm family, as that is the main attributes they take pride in. When it comes to wealth Everstorms are known to have gaudy and expensive things, one look at their countryside manor (grander and larger than any other family) could tell you that. Wealth has let them buy more things that just materials, such as silence, loyalty, and power. When it comes to their family symbol, a tidal wave, it is said that it resembles their unchallengeable strength and ability to push passed ordinary limitations. Everstorms have always have a strong dealing in Nephilim politics and are seen in positions of powers such as being the Inquisitor and Consul, even heading several Institutes around the world. Similiar to other Shadowhunter families they had a disliking toward Downworlders, but it never went passed hatred, in fact they were the first known families to openly utilize them. The Everstorms saw them as tools to be used and discarded when they were overused.

Inquisitor Everstorm and Esmarie Everstorm (nee Archmeadow) are a match made in heaven, as they both compliment each other. Known as the Academy Sweethearts because they were together from day one, from best friends to soul mates. Esmarie is known for her small structure, and how much her husbands towers over her, but also for her unending kindness. Esmarie's generation was the first generation of female Shadowhunter allowed in actual combat/missions; she was one of the best fighters (even better than her husband) in her prime. Holding his title for seven years Inquisitor Everstorm is known for his bitterness and ability to hold grudges against other families (finding a way to punish them for things their families did to his family/him in the past.) He vows respect and honor above all else, and has tried to bestow such things on his children. Settling for second best isn't something he wants for them. Everstorms always graduate first of their class and to make sure of that he mentored each of them young before they were allowed into the Academy. Along with Thane they have two younger daughters, Daise and Casilla, both of which are still enrolled in the Academy in Alicante and are spoiled rotten.

Thane's younger days were hardly effected by the tragic events surrounding of the Scarlet Battle, being too young to grasp the concept of death in its entirety. Losing his grandfather and two uncles was not easy on the Everstorm family regardless despite Thane's personal ignorance. Thane's father became overprotective and Esmarie was a bit overbearing in her expectations for Thane and his sisters. As Thane grew older, he understood their rather abrupt changes but it did not make living in House Everstorm any easier. Thane, as the firstborn son, was hardly living his own life. He was expected to rise through the ranks of the Shadowhunters and be a worthy successor to the rising legend that Inquisitor Everstorm was crafting himself. As such, while in the comfort of the Everstorm countryside manor, Thane was forced to train early. His father pushed Thane to his limits, of both mind and body, to create the perfect candidate for the Shadowhunter academy. It was no easy task to keep Thane motivated, but his father was able to do well enough with his son. Soon, Thane motivated himself, though he at times simply used the training as a means of distracting Thane from watching his younger sisters be spoiled rotten, something Thane never quite grew fond of.

When Thane was of age, he was enrolled into the Academy at Alicante in Idris at the wishes of his father. Unable to disagree with such sentiments, Thane accepted his fate and enrolled, knowing full well that he could not "slack off" at any given time lest he wanted to deal with his father. Thane attended all his classes, eventually seeing the whole thing as a blessing in disguise as Thane was away from the suffocating conditions at home. A star student, Thane was among the best of students, eventually graduating at the top of his class. Father's response was simple, "When do you start as a Shadowhunter?"

Needless to say, Thane started right away. He was given the basic missions first. Nothing special or fascinating about them. Thane emerged as a good performer in the field, only struggling in his first couple encounters until he got his legs under him. Taking any job he could, Thane rose to the challenges presented to him and earned a couple of promotions due to his remarkable performances. In due time, Thane got a few special orders upon a request for a less direct job. This was Thane's entrance in a new division: Assassination. A broad and possibly poorly used term, Thane became more involved in stealth based missions, involving reconnaissance, scouting, sabotage and at times an assassination or capture of highly valued individuals. Thane's rank and number of speciality missions of this ilk were directly proportional. As Thane climbed the ranks, he received more jobs. The number further increased when his father ascended to the rank of Inquisitor and Thane became one of his most trusted and elite individuals. Some called bias, but Thane's resume spoke for itself.

Despite all this, Thane never truly enjoyed the work and in some cases yearned for the mundane life. Hopefully Father would never find out about that.

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